The Grand Prairie


Perhaps no other place on the planet is as steeped in duck hunting tradition as the Grand Prairie
region of Arkansas. To the people here, duck hunting is a way of life, not just a season.


From the first rice crop grown in 1904 to the famed green timber, the book contains over 350 pages detailing the people, places and events that earned the region the title of "The Duck Hunting Capital of the World". Spectacular photography accompanies engaging content written to educate readers on how the Grand Prairie came to be and has sustained the reputation for world class mallard duck hunting.

The first edition book, published by a life-long Arkansas waterfowler, chronicles the evolution of the region's duck hunting and its rich history. A must read for anyone that enjoys the sport of duck hunting and the traditions of years past.


348 pages
Full Color
8.5" x 11"
Cover illustration by Phillip Crowe
2,500 paperback ($50) plus
1,000 collector's edition hard cover ($90)
Premium printing and binding

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